I am the HOWTO guy. In this business I must do everything. I am the Author, Editor & Publisher of this E-Book business in Orange County, California.

I have always had a desire to learn how to do things. Instead of putting pen to paper I have put what I know into an E-Book format that is very similar to a spiral bound notebook. All my E-Books have a chapter format, just like paper books. So many E-Books are in a PDF format that is hard to navigate and find anything.

My first book, STOP for GOLD, has now been converted to it's own stand alone notebook format program. For over two years it was in a PDF format, with many copies sold. I have several more HOWTO books in the works. Keep checking back to see what is coming off the "press".

You Too Can Be
A Backyard

Learn how to raise chickens in your own backyard. They make great pets and you get fresh eggs almost everyday. I keep this to the basics; food, housing, protection and health.

Learn How To Buy
Gold and Silver
like a Pro

I will teach you everything you need to know to buy Gold & Silver at the best prices and then turn around and get the best prices for them. Lots of pictures, stories and examples.

Living An Enjoyable
Gluten Free Life
With Celiac Disease

There is a little known illness called CELIAC DISEASE. It is estimated that over two million Americans have CD and they do not even know it. The symptoms range from a little queasy to full-blown flu like.

A Guide To Getting You Started In Beekeeping

Have you ever thought about beekeeping? It can be an enjoyable hobby but there is a lot to know before buying your first hive. BASIC BEES will help you decide if you want to start this hobby that could become a business.


A Worm Farm can be a fun little hobby or a major money making business. No matter how you choose to farm those little critters will chew up a lot of garbage and make a lot of very good compost for your plants.

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